How Get Unbelievable Success With Landing Page

As we known,Landing page is an essential part of marketing campaign because it has the unique ability to convert a stranger into a qualified lead. But how can we increase the ROI? How to find landing page copy and image for inspiration? How to know competitors’ advertising strategy?

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So, how get unbelievable success with landing page?’s ad landing page basic information

Landing Page Images:

Title:男性穿搭服務(免費體驗活動) - Fersonal 男性穿搭服務

Description:平凡的我們,要怎麼穿出不平凡的感覺?” 想要從裡到外都散發自信光彩與個人魅力嗎? 一對一客製化諮詢。專業科學量身。穿搭購衣指南。服務: 專為男性所設計的購衣服務, 一對一客製化諮詢, 專業科學量出你的黃金比例。

Advertising Platform:Facebook,Instagram


Start Time and End Time:2020-03-06~2020-03-25

Landing Type:Other

Language & Countries:N/A&N/A

Related Landing Pages:7


The Number of Outgoings Link :0

2. Free related landing pages analytics

In addition to the above ad landing pages, recently launched related landing pages with a total number of 7. The main advertising platforms of these related ad landing pages are Facebook,Instagram、Facebook,Instagram etc. These ad landing pages include some AB-tested pages. After the final verification, has placed a lot of ads by using the most effective ad landing pages.

LandingSpy performed basic data analysis on these related landing pages and selected the top 3 that performed best.

  1st 2nd 3rd
Title Sourdough Loaf - BOSKE Bakery Cafe 繪畫時光課程 - 日青優格 DAILY LIGHT YOGURT 男性穿搭服務(免費體驗活動) - Fersonal 男性穿搭服務
Description 鄉村酸種、裸麥酸種、種子酸種、原味酸種貝果(1入)、原味酸種貝果(5入)、起司酸種貝果(1入)、起司酸種貝果(5入)... 「繪畫時光吳Maggie老師」//講師介紹//推廣、使用環境友善媒材舉辦植物繪畫課程。//擅長教學//插畫創作、水彩及粉彩創作,成人繪畫教學。展覽策劃、品牌行銷企劃。//經歷//2016年∼至今,台北大稻埕藝術空間,常態型植物繪畫引導課程。2018年∼,桃園風格文具所,週六常態型植物... 平凡的我們,要怎麼穿出不平凡的感覺?” 想要從裡到外都散發自信光彩與個人魅力嗎? 一對一客製化諮詢。專業科學量身。穿搭購衣指南。服務: 專為男性所設計的購衣服務, 一對一客製化諮詢, 專業科學量出你的黃金比例。
Advertising Platform Facebook,Instagram Facebook,Instagram Facebook,Instagram
Period 25 23 19
Start Time and End Time 2020-03-19~2020-04-13 2020-03-16~2020-04-08 2020-03-06~2020-03-25
Language & Countries N/A&N/A N/A&N/A N/A&N/A

The above is the detailed information of the 3 landing pages that advertisers have performed best in the recent past. After many A/B tests, these ad landing pages proved to be the most effective. So what do they have in common? By comprehensively analyzing the various data of these landing pages, we can summarize some rules to discover the secrets of high-converting ad landing pages.

1) Title analysis

  • The number of words in the title is usually 5-10 words, and the words are as simple as possible.
  • Core keywords and important content are put forward.
  • Declarative Affirmative Sentences
  • Titles with numbers are 36% more likely to be clicked by users than without numbers.

In fact, I prefer the title “Sourdough Loaf - BOSKE Bakery Cafe ” better than “繪畫時光課程 - 日青優格 DAILY LIGHT YOGURT”.

2) Description analysis

Copywriting tests the ability of the writer to perceive the user’s psychology. What we need to do is to stand in the user’s perspective, understand the needs of the users, and introduce your products from what they want to know.

Obviously, the descriptions of these related landing pages all conform to the above rules. For example:

  • 鄉村酸種、裸麥酸種、種子酸種、原味酸種貝果(1入)、原味酸種貝果(5入)、起司酸種貝果(1入)、起司酸種貝果(5入)...
  • 「繪畫時光吳Maggie老師」//講師介紹//推廣、使用環境友善媒材舉辦植物繪畫課程。//擅長教學//插畫創作、水彩及粉彩創作,成人繪畫教學。展覽策劃、品牌行銷企劃。//經歷//2016年∼至今,台北大稻埕藝術空間,常態型植物繪畫引導課程。2018年∼,桃園風格文具所,週六常態型植物...
  • 平凡的我們,要怎麼穿出不平凡的感覺?” 想要從裡到外都散發自信光彩與個人魅力嗎? 一對一客製化諮詢。專業科學量身。穿搭購衣指南。服務: 專為男性所設計的購衣服務, 一對一客製化諮詢, 專業科學量出你的黃金比例。

If you want to know the description of other landing pages with the best performance in the past 90 days, you can use LandingSpy ( to filter and query.

3) Advertising platform

From the above table, we can see that the advertiser’s recent platform for advertising is mainly Facebook,Instagram.

4) Advertising schedule

Advertisers have recently advertised at 2020-03-19~2020-04-13、2020-03-16~2020-04-08、2020-03-06~2020-03-25. The periods the ads continue to run are 25 days, 23 days, and 19 days.

Different industries and different platforms have different effective times when advertising. When scheduling ads, we should check the competitors’ advertising strategies in advance, not only to avoid overlapping with their high-frequency advertising time but also not to miss the best period for advertising in the industry.

In conclusion: The above is a free landing page analytics report about Doing a good job in advertising is a long-term accumulation process. In this process, we can use the bestlanding page software to find excellent landing page copy and landing page images for reference. At the same time, understand the competitors’ advertising strategies in advance, then adjust and test your advertising plans in a timely manner.

3. Related landing page report

If you want to check the relevant analysis of other landing page related to, you can click the app name below to view related reports.