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During the entire advertising process, the landing page is the last and most important part of promoting user conversion. Normally, we will change a certain version of the landing page, change a few small elements, and finally form several similar landing pages for A/B testing.

Through LandingSpy, we can track the landing page of competitors, including their landing page copy, landing page image, and landing page advertising time, and other important information. By analyzing the competitor’s landing page, we can know more clearly how to develop our own advertising strategy. has set up a total of 46 landing pages recently. The advertising platform is Facebook,Instagram, and the advertising time is mostly concentrated on 2020/02/20~2020/05/18.

Advertising Landing Page Performance

  Title Date Duration Days Networks Country
1 Childrens Cancer Research Fund 2020/02/20~2020/05/18 87 Facebook N/A
2 Double Your Gift! - Family Policy Alliance 2020/03/23~2020/05/25 63 Facebook N/A
3 North Shore Animal League America 2020/04/09~2020/05/23 44 Facebook N/A
4 Donate now to feed the hungry - Greater Cleveland Food Bank 2020/04/02~2020/05/11 39 Facebook N/A
5 Make A Gift - Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation 2020/07/22~2020/08/01 9 Facebook N/A

Top 3 Landing pages Free Analytics

1.Top 1 Landing page of

Title: Childrens Cancer Research Fund

Description:Fundraise your way in three easy steps! You can make an impact in the fight against childhood cancer by joining an existing event or starting your own. Get started with a celebration, athletic event or other great idea and raise money by getting the word


2.Top 2 Landing page of

Title: Double Your Gift! - Family Policy Alliance



3.Top 3 Landing page of

Title: North Shore Animal League America

Description:You can help North Shore Animal League America save the lives of homeless animals with DOUBLE the power. The makers of NexGard will match your recurring gifts, up to $20,000. Give monthly now