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During the entire advertising process, the landing page is the last and most important part of promoting user conversion. Normally, we will change a certain version of the landing page, change a few small elements, and finally form several similar landing pages for A/B testing.

Through LandingSpy, we can track the landing page of competitors, including their landing page copy, landing page image, and landing page advertising time, and other important information. By analyzing the competitor’s landing page, we can know more clearly how to develop our own advertising strategy. has set up a total of 85 landing pages recently. The advertising platform is Facebook, and the advertising time is mostly concentrated on 2020/07/29~2020/07/31.

Advertising Landing Page Performance

  Title Date Duration Days Networks Country
1 Saengerin (Saengerin)德國音樂院入學考vorspielen(vorsingen)注意事項與不能說的秘密 @ 德國留學大小事 :: 痞客邦 :: 2020/07/29~2020/07/31 2 Facebook,Instagram N/A
2 aoield7581 (aoield7581)高雄家具展:6/11~15 高雄Discovery探索家具設計大展 - 50樓家具 @ 50樓家具 :: 痞客邦 :: 2020/06/08~2020/06/10 2 Facebook N/A
3 加小菲愛碎碎唸 (masaharuwu)【新北市板橋建案】♥高妍植♥茂德建設,水岸公園景觀第一排,小坪數高坪效,總價850萬起買2-3房 @ 加小菲愛碎碎念 :: 痞客邦 :: 2020/07/30~2020/08/01 2 Facebook N/A
4 Saengerin (Saengerin)德國音樂院入學考試系列 講座&諮詢(八月主題式講座) @ 德國留學大小事 :: 痞客邦 :: 2020/07/30~2020/08/01 2 Instagram,Facebook N/A
5 Una烏娜 (una8516)【貳拾有柒】台北臉部護膚推薦|粉刺乾淨溜溜,肌膚超光滑~ @ 烏娜Una是唯一 :: 痞客邦 :: 2020/07/30~2020/07/30 1 Facebook N/A

Top 3 Landing pages Free Analytics

1.Top 1 Landing page of

Title:Saengerin (Saengerin)德國音樂院入學考vorspielen(vorsingen)注意事項與不能說的秘密 @ 德國留學大小事 :: 痞客邦 ::

Description:vorspieln(vorsingen)這個字對於計劃到德國唸書的音樂學子應該都不陌生, 但是相關的資訊及細節並不詳盡外, 有許多的"聽說...."、“好像......&quo


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Title:aoield7581 (aoield7581)高雄家具展:6/11~15 高雄Discovery探索家具設計大展 - 50樓家具 @ 50樓家具 :: 痞客邦 ::

Description:​​ (經濟日報 黃英傑) 5000元家具振興券提前發放,大放送加碼預收三倍券一萬元抵消費誠


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Title:加小菲愛碎碎唸 (masaharuwu)【新北市板橋建案】♥高妍植♥茂德建設,水岸公園景觀第一排,小坪數高坪效,總價850萬起買2-3房 @ 加小菲愛碎碎念 :: 痞客邦 ::

Description:♥高妍植♥為茂德建設在板橋永翠特區推出的最新預售建案 基地鄰近65快速道路,轉接中山高即可快速串聯南北交通 24層新古典建築面向江子翠景觀河濱公園,在家即可