What Is Good Landing Page Conversion Rates And 8 Ways To Increase It With 300%

What is the average landing page conversion rates in 2020? With the outbreak of the global epidemic, the global economy has been hit hard. How can advertisers help themselves in a crisis? Perhaps “surviving” is our biggest goal in 2020.

There is no doubt that the advertising market will be affected by the general environment. Although we cannot change the trend, we can at least take some measures to reduce our losses. At this time, it is more important to increase the landing page conversion rates and control advertising costs. After all, we have to make sure every penny is spent in the right place.

What is the median of landing page conversion rates?

Back to our topic, how much does our landing page conversion rate reach to be considered effective? This issue may be a topic that most advertisers pay attention to, but few people or organizations give a standard value. Here are two pictures that might be useful for reference.

This picture is from the study of WordStream. From the data in the figure, we can see that the median value of landing page conversion rates is about 2.35%, the landing page conversion rate of TOP 25% accounts is about 5.31%, and the landing page conversion rates of the TOP 10% accounts is about 11.45%. This can give us a reference to a certain extent. At least landing page conversion rates between 2.35% and 5.31% are the goals we can strive to achieve. And the best landing page conversion rates are probably much higher than we thought.

Coincidentally, Unbounce also gives us a reference. The following figure is the performance statistics of 74.5 million visits that Unbounce generated on its platform to more than 64,000 potential customers. These landing pages cover 10 different industries (travel, real estate, business consulting, business services, credit/loan, health, higher education, home improvement, legal and career research/work training). Obviously, different industries have different landing page conversion rates. But the conclusion reached by WordStream is similar: the median value of landing page conversion rates is between 3% and 5.5%.

How to increase your ad landing page conversion rates?

In fact, in addition to the average landing page conversion rates, what troubles most advertisers is how to increase our ads landing page conversion rates. Of course, there are many online tutorials, and we can refer to many methods, but in the actual operation process, we can not copy all of them, we must get specific analysis in specific questions. In my opinion, there are two points that we can believe in: one is to get inspiration from the excellent landing page example and summarize the experience; the other way is to find your own targeted audience. I will explain how to increase your landing page conversion rates from these two points.

1. Find inspiration from the excellent landing page example and summarize your experience.

When we design the ads landing page, there are a lot of things to consider, each of which may affect our conversion rates. When we can’t get started, we need to use tools to search for excellent landing page examples, find inspiration from them, and sum up the experience.

So what are the common characteristics of good ads landing page? The following are some of the landing pages that I have searched through LandingSpy (landingspy.com) that have been verified by advertisers for a long time and have been proven to have high conversion rates. By analyzing these landing pages, we found some rules:

1) The title is simple and clear, and the length is between 45-70 characters

When a user sees your landing page, you have only a few seconds to attract him. If your title is too long, you may lose their focus. I picked some of the most popular titles from LandingSpy:

  • Hollywood Wheels Car Auctions Exotic Car Shows
  • Jamesport Bay Suites | North Fork Wine & Farm Country Seaside Hotel
  • Contemporary Jewellery Designer | AANA JANAKIS | Australia
  • Collagen Capsules-Pure Type 1 & 2 Hydrolysed Supplement
landing page example by LandingSpy
  • Each title is between 40-70 characters long, which is equivalent to 7-12 words.
  • Elements that must be included in the title: brand name, theme, core description.
  • Shorten sentences by using symbols such as “|” and “&”.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word.
  • The title needs to cover the main content of the page

2) Copy length is between 20-30 words, highlighting core advantages, covering “5W + 1H”

Let’s take a look at the landing page example about copies provided by LandingSpy.

① Book online for a seaside getaway on the sandy shores of the Great Peconic Bay! Studios and suites with kitchen efficiencies available year round.

② Aana Janakis Jewellery. Aana Janakis is one of Australia’s most promising design talents. Inspired by object design, the female form and her Greek heritage.

③ Collagen Capsules provide a 600mg Type 1 and Type 2 Pure Hydrolysed Collagen supplement. Buy British GMP quality online now for fast free UK delivery from Troo Health Care.

④ Hollywood Wheels Car Auctions and Exotic Car Shows offers buyers, sellers and car enthusiast the opportunity to buy and view the cars of their dreams. One of the oldest and most reputable car auctions in the US. Qualified buyers are looking to buy your car.

Copy length is usually controlled between 20-30 letters, the fourth copy above is slightly longer. Copywriting usually contains such elements as we often say “5W + 1H”, which is “What” “Who” “Where” “When” “Why” “How”.

What kind of products or services do you provide for whom, what are your core strengths and what do you want me to do. These issues can be made clear in the copy.

For example, this is an online booking platform. Its advertising copy mainly highlights the advantages of rooms: Studios and suites with kitchen efficiencies available year round. What does your target user need to do: book online. What service does it provide for users: a seaside getaway on the sandy shores of the Great Peconic Bay!

3) CTA settings

CTA is a key factor in determining your landing page conversion rates. From the analysis of LandingSpy’s excellent landing page, we will find:

Color: Blue or orange button colors will be more popular with users.

Size: From the following case we can see that the size of its button is about 200 * 50. This is a relatively modest value.

Quantity: Generally speaking, don’t set too many CTAs. There should be only one CTA button on your landing page. Of course, if you decide to make a long landing page, you can also add multiple CTA buttons as long as they all point to the same call to action.

The CTA setting of QuoteSearch is relatively complicated, but in fact, every button is to get you a free life insurance quote.

4) In terms of design, simple and clean landing pages are more popular with users.

5) Outgoing Link

Usually, a complicated landing page will contain more outgoing links, a relatively simple landing page will only have 1-3 outgoing links. It depends on your landing page and product features. When you are not sure, you can search LandingSpy for a reference of the competing products or industry landing page.

6) Perform A/B test

Usually, we perform multiple A / B tests before an ad is launched, and we have confirmed the final optimal combination. The setting of the Landing page also applies to the same method. We should target different ads and match the combination of landing pages with the best conversion results.

From the landing pages of the LandingSpy platform, it is common to make several different landing pages for A/B testing before long-term advertising on a certain landing page. The testing time is not long, usually 1 day or a few days. When we find the optimal combination, the final landing page launch time will be longer, reaching tens of days or even hundreds of days.

Simply give an example. This is the recent landing page and the related landing page of quotesearch on Facebook and AdMob. We can clearly see how they perform A/B testing from the detail page by LandingSpy

We can take a closer look at the two ads landing pages below. What are the differences between them?

  • Keywords have changed, the keyword in Figure 1 is “Key Man Insurance”, and the keyword in Figure 2 is “Life Insurance”
  • Corresponding to different keywords, the corresponding table options are also different. “Key Man Insurance”——Limited Company, Partnership, Sole Trader. “Life Insurance”——Just me, Me & my partner.
  • The design of the “98%” promotional graphic is also different.

Guess, which landing page conversion rate is higher?

That’s right, the keyword “Life Insurance” has higher landing page conversion rates. We can conclude that on the AdMob platform, “Life Insurance” is more concerned by users.

7) Launch time, determined according to the launch of competitive products and their own needs

We still take quotesearch as a case. First, we search for “insurance” in LandingSpy, and sort by “last seen”. We can see insurance advertisers who have recently advertised. Generally, ad landing pages with Period greater than 100 are used for long-term advertising, and those with periods between 1-30 are landing pages where advertisers perform A/B testing.

In this way, we can see the recent advertising status of the competing products and the details of the landing page.

According to the figure above, we can see that insurance ads have been testing new advertising landing pages from February to March 2020. At the same time, there are 1-2 other landing pages that have been running for a long time.

The launch time of quotesearch’s ads landing page is in line with that of most insurance advertisers.

2. Finding accurate targeted audience will greatly increase my ROI.

As an advertiser, you should have no doubt about the importance of accurate targeting audience. The same creatives and landing pages are displayed in front of different target audiences, and the landing page conversion rates will be very different.

I have done advertising and EDM marketing for several years. For the simplest example, when I understand the preferences, work, marital status, topics of interest, age, country of my target audience, I will give these target audiences customized creatives and landing pages. When they match, my ROI and CTR can even increase by 300% or more. This is not an exaggeration.

Then recommend a more practical tool I recently discovered: AdTargeting.

For example, if I want to run game ads, I will first search for “games” in AdTargeting. As shown in the figure below, we can see what are the hot topics related to games on platforms such as Facebook and Google, and how many target audiences are interested in these topics on the platform.

After clicking in, we can see the details of the target audience interested in this topic. This information includes the number of audience people, top3 Countries, top3 age + gender, Relationship Status, Educations, Job Title, topics of interest, etc.

After I learned the above information, we then targeted the setting of different creatives and landing pages on different platforms.

Conclusion: The world economic situation is becoming tenser and tenser. Only by conducting more refined operations and advertising can we maximize our advertising benefits with limited cost control. The above is today’s relevant experience sharing about landing page conversion rates. Hope these can help you.